Cloud, 2017
Flashe and synthetic polymer on canvas
42″ x 54″

Caste Cloud, 2017
Flashe and synthetic polymer on canvas
60″ x 72″

Tony Larson is an interdisciplinary artist who works and lives in Los Angeles and San Diego. He is the recipient of the 2017 Karl and Beverly Benjamin Fellowship in Art from Claremont Graduate University. His work is featured in the 2017 Paci c Coast Issue of New American Paintings.

I am interested in altering the modes of communication to which I am subjugated. My work is about exploring a dialogue between the ever-burgeoning digital feed and traditional representations of communication, symbology and identity. I zoom in on familiar, banal or commonly overlooked elements found in ubiquitous digital streams of visual information, take those fragments apart and mash them back together into new structures. New possibilities are then discovered. Additionally, I refer to a vast, visual library of forms and symbols I have created through a daily, contemplative drawing practice. I will introduce drawn fragments to new structural possibilities by experimenting with scale, material and the proportional relationships between drawing, digitization and painting.