Consumed Body Purification System, 2017

Sydney Mills earned a BA in Art from the University Of Southern California (2010) and is currently pursuing her MFA in Photography & Media at California Institute Of The Arts. At this moment, her work centers on ideas surrounding the fallibility and limitations of the human body in it’s currently evolutionary state, ltered through her interests in science, medicine, technology and cyberpunk ction and her personal experiences with surgery, sickness and bodily anomalies.

Mills’s work has been featured in three solo shows and more than twenty group shows. Mills has also curated two group shows at Keystone Gallery in Los Angels, CA. Most recently, her work was featured in Imperfectu International Film & Gender Studies Festival 2017 in Tijuana, Mexico.

Since 2016, a number of Mills’s works have been traveling throughout the Korean Peninsula and were last seen in some South Korean hospital for oncological research. Their current whereabouts are unknown. #truestory

Has life’s constant onslaught of 21st century digital noise and feedback got you in a slump? Do you feel more connected to your phone, laptop, or other devices than your own body? Does your social media brand feel more authentic than your corporeal self? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than have we got the product for you.

Introducing Blue Ant’s Consumed Body Puri cation System, the dietary intervention everyone is talking about.

The Consumed Body Puri cation System uses your DNA to create a cleansing drink made up of various biological substances found you own body. Design a cleanse unique to your needs and feel connected to that esh you possess once more!

To activate your Puri cation System, locate your unit’s Imprint Slot. This slot may change shape or size as your unit grows in biomass with each use.

Stick the nger of your choosing into the Imprint Slot until you feel a slight prick on the tip of your nger. When the pricking sensation subsides, remove your nger from the slot.

And within seconds, your Consumed Body Puri cation System will begin brewing a delicious, refreshing, cleansing, meal-replacing drink comprised of nothing but your very own cloned and liqui ed biological matter.

The Consumed Body Puri cation System
Drink yourself to feel like yourself.

Available where ever Blue Ant products are sold. Makes a great gift.