Untitled, 2017
20” x 30” x 60”

Shima Tajbakhsh is an Iranian student who received her Bachelor of Art in Sculpture from Tehran University. During her education years, she was a member of the Student’s Scientific Society of Sculpture and participated group exhibitions and one international symposium. After that, she attended Iran Second Contemporary Art Biennale, entitled “Peace on Paper”. Recently she has admitted Cal State University Long Beach at Sculpture program as a master degree.

My artworks have undoubtedly emanated from observed realities in my surroundings, in such a way that the impact of my observations in childhood on some of my works is clearly evident. Persistence of such effect throughout my life conferred me experiences in life, which are the most valuable wealth I gained in all my life. Various materials and several media including video, photography, installation, mixed media and sculpture constitute the most common means of expression I benefited from.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shimatajbakhsh/