Supreme White, 2017

peckingnets is a collaboration consisting of two LA-based artists.

peckingnets is invested in parsing through the social and political construction of whiteness and the ways that white supremacy is embedded in culture, particularly through language, objects, and images.

they propose that it’s important to acknowledge that white supremacy is not always manifest in explicitly violent physical actions, but seeps in through the apparently mundane—objects, images, and colloquial language, which are socially and politically charged. their work intertwines linguistic and visual metaphors while dissecting and utilizing wordplay. they’re also interested in interrogating and pointing to the ways in which the structure of white supremacy can latch onto notions of the “natural,” science, empiricism, and evidence, and thereby self- validate its existence and maintenance.

questions that they are interested in exploring are: what does it take for the viewer to observe whiteness in the seemingly mundane objects and images? what is the threshold for this recognition? how does the color white (and the language that’s attached to it) inform/interact with the structure of white supremacy? how does one talk about whiteness without essentialisms? how does one de ne whiteness in relation to a contextually-speci c geography, location, and history?