One Nude, 2017

Michelle Nunes is a current MFA candidate at California State University, Northridge focusing on sculpture and photography. She uses abstraction of material to examine the evolving story of the self. Her works have shown throughout Southern California, including SoCal MFA 2017 juried by Amanda Ross-Ho, The Chancellor’s Gallery at Long Beach State, Helmuth Projects in San Diego, and more recently in Beautiful Parts, juried by Kim Abeles.

My work examines sensory consumption of material and environment, and the consequent formation of identity. Common materials such as fabric, toiletries, water, and mirrors yield photographs, sculptures, and installations that reify the translation of physical into psychological. Drawing on the sensation of touch in Blots (2017), cosmetic blush ornaments the walls of a room, abstracting the application of makeup to skin. The works function as “long exposures” of ongoing bodily negotiations between reality and ction. The tactile and olfactory elements acknowledge impermanence, memory, fabulated narratives, and perception.