I know your habits but wouldn’t recognize you yet, 2017
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Momento [sic], 2017
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The work approaches concepts with the knowledge that expressing them articulately visually might be infeasible. John Keats’ theory of negative capability is a constant inspiration that drives the work forward.

The development of a system with its own intrinsic logic is a goal. The spectrum of relationships is considered when creating this system. Relationships are achieved in any way imaginable – color, shape, texture, doubling or referencing, as well as personal associations. The theory of play, discussed by Johan Huzinga, is integral to the evolution of the system, as the construction begins with no known rules. The rules develop as the game progresses. Also considered is the Markov chain, or real-time composition, wherein the rules change and are only determined by the current. No previous rules remain in effect.

The system seeks to represent time non-linearly. A score develops as aftermath, producing an in reverse process, or a code to read the system and its evolvement. The score, however, has taken information from the construction, becoming no longer readable as instructions. Instead it serves as a gateway to some sort of logic. This works like a memory that morphs with constant input and questions truth or truth’s possibility to represent truthfully. Weaving serves as a calendar or documentation of time, a journal.