It is Made Up, 2017
Ceramic sculptures on used furniture

Transparency is such a mess – it means both; that you look right through it and that something is clear. Please don’t look through it. Welcome to the present. , 2017
Vinyl hung from ceiling

En Dansk Kyst (eng; A Danish Coast), 2017
Projected video/animation and audio
Based on the painting “En Dansk Kyst” by J. Th. Lundbye, 1848/49.
Audio selected from:
Text source no. 1: “1000 års Kunsthistorie” (eng; “Arthistory of 1000 years”), 2014 (TV-program) English translation by the artist
Text source no. 2: “J. Th. Lundbye: dagbogsoptegnelser” (eng; ”J. Th. Lundbye: diary records”), 1918 (book, preface) Danish by the artist