Happy Object, 2017
Forton, acrylic latex paint, rope and polyurethane foam.
120” x 48” x 192”

We are where we are not, 2017
Projector and video
00:02:00 loop

Kim Garcia (b.1989) is an artist who works in sculpture, video, and installation. Her work utilizes liminality as a productive site for investigating interdependent relationships between objects, people, and spaces. She has most recently exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (2017), San Diego Art Institute (2017), Torrance Art Museum (2017), FAR Bazaar (2017), and GAIT.LA (2016). Garcia is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA and is currently an MFA Candidate at UCI.

“I really love my friends; our relationships are disproportionate but we are all genuine about
each other.”

I employ within my work a mixed-state of ction and reality, enacting real interdependencies. The sculptural objects that are present are arti ce, which play roles in laying out the scene where they are interrogated for their honesty. That interrogation functions as a metaphor for the shifting stability within their relationships. Ropes, hardware, and foam cushions become support mechanisms that negotiate the mutual co-dependencies between the points of contact within the work. This act of touching, propping up, and support among the objects, juxtaposed with the arti ce, operate as the embodiment of the transitory and un xed positions within relationships, histories, alliances and their connections.

Website: http://kimgarcia.info
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kimwantscoffee