Ossuary for Narcissa Drive, 2016
Porcelain, Lucite, Eucalyptus, Gold Luster
30″ x 60″ x 26″

Kellan Barnebey is a educator and sculptor working in a variety of media. Born and raised in Southern California he currently resides in Northridge, CA. He received his Bachelor of Arts at California State University Dominguez Hills, and Master of Fine Arts at California State University Northridge

My sculpture re-contextualizes objects and systems related to my perception of home. A profound sense of being unmoored in the world brings me to analyze my relationship with sites that serve as my anchorage. Meticulous craft, beauty as it relates to the uncanny, as well as surface, process, and worth inform my work. Grounded in post-human philosophy, my sculpture considers the perceptual world of particular objects within systems. Wood, plastics, bronze, and cement serve as units within novel aggregations and contexts proposing new perceptual realities between orange and subdivision, peacock and plastic, material and history, and object and artist. These potentials suggest that the delineations we draw between a part and its whole are false when the scale of systems is addressed. Rather, a cell may exist as a constituent of an oak tree but also retains its singularity as a unit. I prioritize equality among objects by addressing the scale of systems without subjugating or dividing them.

Website: www.kellanbarnebey.com