Detail, Untitled, 2010-2017
Hand sewn & bound Netflix Ephemera
100″ x 50″

Jesse Parrott is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts degree at California State University, Long Beach (2019). He grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Northern Iowa (2010). He is in constant pursuit of new techniques, materials, and technologies. His work explores theories of the comprehensive and cumulative through traditionally printed images, book structures, and sculptural objects.

As I’ve matured as a maker, I’ve begun to grasp how my work can reflect the all-encompassing world around us. Instead of a crisp edge of what it means to be an artist, there is only a folded, amorphous, interwoven, never-ending network of everything. We are a part of this network from which no object, concept, or individual can be fully distinguished.

Every object, image, thought, material, and action has its own set of implications; each of these implications having its own incomprehensibly extensive baggage and lineage. The literal or metaphysical relationships between objects are the ligaments that network all things together. The corresponding truth is that all things act as building blocks for the universal system in which they exist.

To create truly comprehensive and all-inclusive work is impossible, though I cannot resist the impulse to try.