“Hope as Discipline – A Manifesto Workshop”

“Hope as Discipline – A Manifesto Workshop” expands on the collective voices of historical manifestos and past workshop participants. Through a collaborative reading and writing of a living manifesto document that interrogates the notion of a singular author we will collectively reflect on the conditions of our shared realities as well as sought imaginaries.

THE ABSENT MUSEUM was initiated in 2012 as a discussion platform to engage with community organizers via critical conversations focusing on social practices, such as marginalized feminist practices, social activism and grassroots philanthropic actions. Considered in a space of post-marxist thought and under an undeniable threat of absolute power that takes the forms of fascism, racism, sexism and misogyny, THE ABSENT MUSEUM seeks to make visible actions of those individuals, collectives, communities and organizations that utilize models and structures of sustainable and shared economies, collaboration and kinship, and ethics of care.

*“hope is a discipline” is a phrase famously said by a restorative justice activist, Mariame Kabe.

Image: detail of the Feminist Manifesto by Mina Loy, 1914.

Workshop Date: Sunday, January 24th, 12-3pm
Organizers: Ana Baginski, Silvi Naçi, Gosia Wojas 

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Zoom link and reader with text materials to follow.
Absent Museum website: https://gosiawojas.com/the-Absent-Museum