“Once upon a time, eleven years ago, students at California State University Long Beach were left out of MFA student exhibitions – Long Beach itself being left by the wayside.  So, according to artist and coordinator Kimberly Morris, “We built our own sandbox and now everyone plays in it.” Today, the Greater Los Angeles MFA survey exhibition is a powerhouse of art curated by CSULB grad students, and drawing submissions from as far away as Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Combined with the opening panel, reception, and exhibition held this past Sunday afternoon, students’ open studios were offered for the art-browsing. Different this year, according to Morris, was that “members of our panel also have their own work on exhibit this year.” Art being a visual medium, let the pictures that follow tell the story – and do go see this exhibit, running through September 3rd on the CSULB campus at the Fine Arts building. What are you waiting for? Jump on the 405 or the 710! Parking, like the exhibit itself, is free.”

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Participating Artists:

Andrea Brown, Jenalee Harmon, Marcie Karimi, Patrick Gilbert, Andrew K. Thompson, Julian Rogers, Megan Mueller, Philip Koscak, Arden Surdam, Kang Seung Lee, Michael Russell, Shelbi Schroeder, Christina Mesiti, Katie Shapiro, Mona Sheybani, Stacy Wendt, Erika Ostrander, Krista Bonelli, Morgan Mcallister, Tanya Brodsky, Farnaz Sabet, Lan Duong, Naomi Tarle, Vanesa Gingold, Grazyna Kolondra, Logan Bell, Omid Orouji, Yael Nov

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