The Parergon (Horizontal Lightbox), 2017

Elena Roznovan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, currently pursuing an MFA in Sculpture/4D at California State University, Long Beach. She is the recipient of multiple awards, including the Werby Endowed Scholarship. She has most recently exhibited at the Torrance Art Museum (2017), University Art Museum (2017), the Kopeikin Gallery (2017), and Brea Art Gallery (2016).

In my current work, I think about time a lot. It is a measure of control and assembly that brings bodies together for a variety of cultural manifestations, but at the same time it is an attempt to come to grips with a dimension in reality that’s beyond human capacity to comprehend. Mainly my work revolves around a simple principle – a kind of co-agency between the piece and the viewer, it only unravels as far as the viewer can endure to pay attention. In some ways this is a reaction to the increased speed of modern day consumer culture, that prioritizes the productivity of bodies.

I believe that human bodies are participants in a dance of matter amongst which human bodies are on an equal plane-field with objects, spaces, and beings. At the heart of this way of thinking is the claim that human consciousness is an agent and not the main maker of meaning. In the process of creating my video based work, I concoct a gesture, i.e. sculptural element, which is later introduced into a natural landscape. Each time this sets up a different outcome. Between the original intention and the environment’s interaction with my intervention, new unplanned for events and images occur. They become integral to the work.