Reconsidered Regret, 2017
Oil on Canvas
48″ x 36″

Time Out, 2017
Oil on Canvas
60″ x 48″

Annie Compean Graduated from California State University Fullerton in 2013 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, and a BA in Art History. She is currently in her last semester at California State University Long Beach earning an MFA in Drawing and Painting. She’s concerned with the personification of objects and our psychological response to anthropomorphic beings that conjure feelings of empathy. Her work explores the boundaries that separate portraiture and still life as well as figuration and abstraction. She references the format of still life to speak a traditional language of observational painting to imbue inanimate objects with a person-hood. The paintings synthesize a variety of visual elements: observational depiction, tight articulated form, loose articulated form, geometric abstraction, and gestural abstraction.

I seek to understand the possible personalities and sentience of inanimate objects and the object-hood of people. I reverse their roles by depicting humans as uniform masses that are cold and closed-off, and objects as figures that bulge, elongate, and wrinkle under the pressure of gravity. I aim to redeem the lives of objects by depicting anthropomorphic still life “surrogates” as defunct dream-objects that communicate and collaborate with each other. I wish to sterilize the figure to deny the viewer the opportunity to interact with it at an emotional level. The figure becomes a heap or landmass rather than a living, breathing, and emotionally complex being that maintains their own psychology. The still life paintings can be seen as reciprocals as the objects becomes figures. Viewers are invited to access the scene of the still life to empathize with the objects. While the sculptural figures are fused shut and lack points of empathetic access.