Untitled, 2017
Clay, paper pulp, wire, fabric, rusting solution 
Variable dimensions

Amy Williams is currently an MFA student in Ceramics at California State University, Long Beach. She received a BA in Studio Art from Wheaton College in Illinois and a Post Baccalaureate in Ceramics from the Oregon College of Art & Craft in Portland, Oregon. Amy uses a variety of materials including clay, paper, wire, fabric, and rusting liquids and is interested in addressing subtly, the body, entropy, and natural processes within her sculptural work.

My work presently revolves around the creation of forms and processes that mimic our natural and physical world. The things which serve as inspiration for this mimicry tend to be subtle instances of entropy. The pieces engage with entropy both aesthetically and physically in that they are gradually and subtly changing as they hang. The dripping liquid is a corrosive substance that rusts the steel wire as it is pulled downward by gravity. Not only is there an immediate affect on the piece through the introduction of rust, but the piece is also slowly decaying, perhaps to the point of falling apart. The ceramic pieces in the work are also subjected to gravity and entropy, as they sag and are deformed by their weight as they are formed.

Website: http://www.amyewilliams.com/