A Funeral For A Sardine, 2016
Canned Sardines, Paint, Wood, Clay, Photogprah
71″ x 21″ x 13″

Abela studied Architecture in Malta and Milan and currently lives and studies in Los Angeles. He works mainly through drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, and video. His projects lead from an interest in a particular material or narrative into an attempt at understanding the human condition and surroundings. The conception and execution of his projects often involves outsider individuals; he uses architecture-derived approaches to create informed work and establish relationships that challenge peoples’ perspective of the artistic subject. Abela is currently working on public art projects in Malta.

After the rain has fallen on dry land, the everything that has become wet revels to be more visible, the colours more vibrant, their outlines more pronounced, their scent unlocked. We cry over things for the same reason, our vision my become less clear and our nose less sensitive but crying vibrates the outline of the suffering we need to unlock.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abelaadrian